Planning Guides

Thinking about remodeling a primary living area, such as a kitchen or bath, can be overwhelming, especially if you think of it as one big project. Instead, approach your project in small pieces. We are here to guide you every step of the way. This page will help you with the first step in the process—Creating a very rough map of your current space.

Print out the PDF file here and simply follow the steps as explained:

Why measure? If you bring basic measurements to your first meeting with a designer, it helps that person have a more substantive discussion with you about possible remodeling options right from the start. Don’t worry, if you decide to move forward working with Our Company we will come to your home and measure when the decision-making process with products and layout is underway. But drafting a basic map as a jumping off point is a wonderful tool.

Bring your map into our showroom to work with your designer one-on-one. Keep in mind that the map you’ve created is simply a starting point. It will help your designer get a sense of your space so the more detailed work of creating your dream room can begin!